Savannah Newcomers Club

Savannah Newcomers Club

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Welcome to Savannah!

     Savannah Newcomers Club was established with one purpose, to develop friendship and fellowship among new residents and to introduce them to their new community.

     This website will tell you a little about us . . . and keep our members and friends informed about what's going on in our organization.

     Are you new in Savannah? Are your friends several states away? You've located the grocery, mall, and post office; but your phone book has no listing under "friendship." Join Savannah Newcomers Club! You'll find women like you who are ready to develop new friendships. We invite women to join who have been in Savannah for less than two years. Members may enjoy a monthly luncheon and program, as well as a variety of activities, tours and events plus the opportunity to meet women with a wide spectrum of interests from across the country. 

We would love to meet you!

If you are ready to join?

We are mindful and thankful to the selfless commitment of the first responders, medical personnel, public utility workers and departments, food distributors, grocery workers, transportation providers, and volunteers who help keep things flowing as well as all others who give support to those in need.  Our heartful thanks, thoughts and gratitude go out to everyone
As such, a decision was made by the SNC Board to curtail activities and events including luncheons and some other gatherings until it is safe to congregate in larger groups.  The smaller activities groups will decide amongst themselves about organizing an activity.
Once the threat of the virus has been mitigated and government restrictions loosened, Newcomers will emerge out of its hiatus, stronger than ever, albeit cautiously.

We will be following the recommendations and restrictions of the State of Georgia and the City of Savannah.IMPORTANT COVID 19  UPDATE


If anyone is interested in joining Savannah Newcomers Club, we are still interested in you and will continue processing and responding to all requests.

Savannah Newcomers Club History       

                      Established in 1949


       For 70 years, Savannah Newcomers Club has been welcoming women to Savannah. The organization was formed by a small group of women who would meet in their homes each month for lunch. Their goal was the same as ours is today; to meet new friends, learn about our new city and most of all, have fun!

    Currently, we have over 432 members and our luncheons are held at some of the most popular venues in Savannah.

We are proud to be a part of Savannah's history. After celebrating our 70th anniversary this year, it's clear that we will likely be part of it's future for quite some time.

Introducing the 
2020 Savannah Newcomers Executive Board and Committee Chairs